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The Story of the Nut The Binlang Girls

Inside the Binlang Box

Inside the Bin-Lang Box


Some people may find the following content offensive, if so


The Bin-lang Box shows thumbnails of some bin-lang girls .... In the glow of the neon one can imagine  anything .... After 9 in the evening the wine will flow ..... and 300 will be enough ! 

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Gallery 1 : A few examples of the boxes used to package betel nuts

Gallery 2 : Some roadside shots of a binlang girl outside Taichung 

Gallery 3 : Some nighttime shots of binlang girls in southern Taiwan 

Binlang - The Video : Click on the picture below for a short video of a girl selling betel nut

Story of the Nut

Binlang Girls

Binlang Box