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The Story of the Nut

The Bin-lang Girls

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T h e   B i n - l a n g   G i r l s

If there is one thing that makes the Green Silicon Island go round it is money: and if there is one thing that makes the money go round it is sex.

The Binlang Girls are heavily involved in the marketing of the betel nut, from the preparation of the betel quid, through advertising and to the selling.

The neon-lit temples to teenage beauty infest the junctions and main arteries of the island. If a  truck runs through it  ....  they're there !  They are the Bin-lang Girls.  A fast-living , fast-talking and fast-selling  tangle of live wires.

These thumbnail galleries show these lively girls at work. By clicking on many of the picture you can see a fuller image.

Gallery 1: Preparing and Packing the Betel-nut

Gallery 2: The Kiosks

Gallery 3: The Binlang Girls also excel at posing

Gallery 4: Whatever the particular charms and attractions of the nascent Binlang Princess, it is hard not to recognise that something special.

Take a peek inside the Betel Nut Box !

The Story of the Nut

The Binlang Girls

The Binlang Box